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In 1993, companies ARCONES, TECNIVAP and TEYVI, that had a long career in the boiler manufacturing industry joined forces to form ATTSU Group becoming the largest Spanish boiler manufacturing group.
ATTSU is an ISO 9001 certified turnkey system provider for Steam and Hot water Systems.
Products are manufactured according to the European standards PED EC 97/23 bearing CE marking, and American standards ASME bearing “U”/”S” stampings.
With worldwide references in more than 70 countries:
Europe: Euro zone and East
Mexico, Central and South America
Africa & Middle East
South East of Asia
All products are manufactured in facilities at Madrid, Girona and Valencia.
ATTSU has been approved by the Ministry of Health Kuwait for all Hospital projects.
Quality, safety, innovation and regulations accomplishment are their main goals.  

Steam Boiler
Clean Steam Generator
Hot Water Boiler
Feed Water Condensate Tank
Water Softener Units
Reverse Osmosis
Blow Down Cooler
Sample Cooler

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