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ATTSU is an ISO 9001 certified turnkey system provider for Steam and Hot water Systems.

With worldwide references in more than 70 countries:

Europe: Euro zone and East

Mexico, Central and South America

Africa & Middle East, Australia

South East of Asia

Products Include:

Steam Boiler

  • Clean Steam Generator
  • Hot Water Boiler
  • Feed Water Condensate Tank
  • Water Softener Units
  • Chimney
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Blow Down Cooler
  • Sample Cooler



LACAZE Energies

LACAZE Energies is one of the subsidiaries of Groupe Cohors.. LACAZE Energies is an ISO 9001 2008 certified company with collectors certified SOLAR KEYMARK AND CST BAT.

Products Include:

  • Solar Thermal Collectors and Fittings.
  • Transfer & Hydraulic
  • Energy Management
  • Solar Water Tanks & Central Electric water heaters



NOBEL INTERNATIONAL is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified for the design, production and distribution of Solar thermal systems and electric water heaters. 

Products include:-

  • Solar Collectors
  • Forced Circulation Tanks
  • Electric water heaters
  • OEM / Semi finished products.



EUROSOL, with head offices in Ludwigshafen, Germany is a leading international project development, engineering and EPC company in the power generation  field from renewable and alternative energy sources. Capitalizing on its international experience, engineering competencies and proven track record, EUROSOL can design and deploy energy supply solutions to serve diverse application requirements. EUROSOL invests significant resources in training, R&D and technology acquisition in order to make inroads in the Energy Management, Power Saving and E- Mobility sectors.

Services include:-

  • Project Development
  • Conceptual Design
  • Feasibility Study
  • Permitting
  • System Design
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Turn-key Project Delivery
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Equipment Wholesale
  • Research and Development
  • Knowledge transfer to partners



JOSAM International formed in 1914, patented its Model Number 100 floor drain with its innovative double-drainage flange, a feature that is still on industry standard today. It manufactures a complete line of quality cast iron and PVC specification drainage products that are available in a variety of finishes and are offered with a multitude of optional features. JOSAM , in business before the term engineered plumbing drainage existed, is recognized around the world for producing high quality specification drainage products. 

Products Include:

  • Trench drains / channels manufactured from SMC/GRP.
  • Push – fit stainless steel drainage pipe system .
  • Complete range of stainless steel floor drains, cleanouts, trench drains, slot channels & retro –fit floor sink liners.
  • The only complete siphonic roof drains system including drains and galvanized push – fit pipes and fittings.



Pipelife is one of the world’s leading suppliers of plastic pipe systems manufacturing and marketing a wide range of quality pipe systems. Pipelife is a part of the Wienerberger Group. The Pipelife Group – an organization with over 2,600 employees is represented in 26 countries in Europe and the USA. It’s business activities are focused on the development, manufacturing and distribution of plastic pipe systems. PIPELIFE provide solutions for the complete water cycle, energy and power distribution, for telecommunication networks and industrial applications.

Products include:-

Cross Linked PE (PEX) Piping System

HDPE Piping System

Chemical Drainage Piping System


PIPELIFE has been approved by the Ministry Of Health Kuwait for all Hospital projects.


WTEC Plants

WTEC Plants Ltd operates in the design and construction of water treatment and depuration  plants. It is a dynamic company, born of the entrepreneurial endeavour of a group of professionals with over 25 years’ experience in the sector, With head office in Trani (BT) and  operational base in Padova, WTEC Plants operates throughout all the National and International  territory with a significant presence in Arab countries, Persian Gulf and North Africa. The company has experienced a steady development as a leader company in water treatment. 

Services include:-

  • Design
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Client service



SYI Pipeline Corporation is a proud member of SYI Group.  It is a ISO 9001:2008 certified Pipeline Solution Provider.

Products Include:

  • Pipeline products and accessories like Pipes,fittings and valves
  • Universal Couplings, Flanged Adaptors & Quick adaptors
  • Dismantling joints,clamps & fire hydrants.



Qatar Gratings and Road Barriers WLL possess and promote Lichgitter products & services in the Middle East region. LICHTGITTER GmbH  was established in 1929 as a company in the special branch of producing gratings. Continuous achievement and development of quality as well as innovative manufacturing processes in combination with a market conforming entrepreneurial spirit have made LICHGITTER to one of the worldwide leading manufacturer of gratings and perforated metal planks. LICHGITTER ensures unobjectionable quality starting with the material treatment (slitting machine), manufacturing (high-tech machines) and galvanizing of the gratings upto the delivery in time.

Products Include:

  • Gratings made of steel
  • Gratings made of stainless steel
  • Gratings made of aluminium
  • GRP gratings
  • Gratings fpr sun protection
  • Gratings for coverings
  • Perforated metal planks
  • Pressure locked gratings
  • Forge-welded gratings



The company was founded in 1957 by Johann Aigner and dealt originally with the production and laying of terrazzo.. The company importes slabs, granites & marble forms around the world. Their key strength is preparation of shop drawings, as per a particular project procurement and process the marbles or granites as per the dimensional requirements at their factory in Stroheim. 

Products Include:-

  • Natural stone facades
  • All stairways
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Vanity tops
  • Window sills
  • Pool covering plates
  • Grave stones
  • Wall covering plates

AIGNERSTONE has been approved by the Ministry of Health Kuwait for all Hospital projects.



ULTRAGLASS   The company has continued to evolve this technology into the most elegant means of incorporating dimensionally functional glass textures, designs, patterns, imagery, palettes and finishes for all architectural applications.

Products include:-


UltraGlas tile

Formed glass design

Formed glass texture



AIRMASTER equipment Emirates LLC has been serving the HVAC industry with Air Distribution, Ventilation, Fire safety products (UL classified) Rubber insulation,  Electrical accesories and Building management systems.

Products include:

HVAC Designs & Components

Lighting & Electrical solutions

Fire protection equipments

Duct accesories

Steel Doors

Adhesive tapes & Packaging materials


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