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UltraGlas provides the design professional with a virtually limitless palette of possibilities in glass, from subdued textures to ornate art glass — for all architectural environments and applications.
Founded by Jane Skeeter, LEED AP, in 1987, UltraGlas pioneered, developed and introduced the unique heat slumping (embossing) process known as UltraGlas® to the U.S. architectural and design communities. We’ve continued to evolve this technology into the most elegant means of incorporating dimensionally functional glass textures, designs, patterns, imagery, palettes and nishes for all architectural applications.

The stunning effects of this evolution can be found in distinctive hotels, resorts, cruise ships,
casinos, theme parks, spas, institutions, restaurants, museums, health-care facilities, retail
establishments, corporate ofces and up-scale residences around the world.


UltraGlas offers 7 distinctive product lines, as well as numerous options, all of which can be transformed into the perfect solution for a myriad of purposes and installations.
*UltraGlas Tile
*Formed Glass Designs
*Formed Glass Textures
*UltraGlas-E®, 100% recycled glass
*UltraGlasSolar® – Building Integrated Photo Voltaic