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ECOSTONE was born in 2012, by Mr . Arun Emmanuel and his partner Mr. Clemens Jeneral sparked by the fortuitous sales of Nestos Marble, Greece, Terrazzo tiles, Italy & Granites, India. Despite venturing into an unknown territory , the passion for stone was instant and long -lasting. Fast forward to 2015, after getting better acquainted with the industry , the business boom- up with the multiple successful projects.
27 By 2015, ECOSTONES evolved by truly embracing the sector and emboss its name in the market for all kinds of dimension stones, Marble, Granite or artificial stone products from all corners of the world.
ECOBUILD, ensured a wide selection of interesting stones were available to end users in the region delivered by our passionate and hardworking principles. The founding ethos of the business has always been to deliver high quality materials and excellent in service to our clients.Since we strive to maintain this since 2012, we can proudly say that many of our orignal clients have remained loyal clients to this day . It has become known in the market that we have the largest selection of dimension stone in the region from our renowned international principles.
  • AIGNER STONES, Austria
    (For Marbles & Granites)
  • IKTINOS HELLAS, Greece/Biostone, Italy
    (For Marbles)
    (For Granites, Marbles & Sand/Lime Stones)
    (For Marbles, Granites & Terrazzo)
  • BELOTTI, Italy
    (For Terrazzo Tiles)
  • ATS (EKOS), Turkey / Palagio Engineering, Italy
    (For Terracotta Tiles)
  • KALINGA STONES, India/Dexton Stones, Spain
    (For Artificial Stones)


  • Supply of Terrazzo Tiles from BELOTTI, Italy for the MINISTRIES COMPLEX – New East Car Park project, Area = 20,000 sq m.
  • Supply of Granite from TANISHA INTERNATIONAL, India for the SWRO PLANT DOHA project, Area = 12000 sq m.
  • Supply of Nestos White Marble from Iktinos Hellas, Greece for the KIMS project, Area = 20,000 sq m.
  • Supply of Volakas White Marble from Iktinos Hellas, Greece for the 2 KIMS project, Area = 4200 sq m.
  • Supply of all the interior marbles from Kalinga stones, India for the HAHC hostpitals at Ahmadi and Johra projects, Area= 15000 sq metres