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UltraGlas provides the design professional with a virtually limitless palette of possibilities in glass, from subdued textures to ornate art glass — for all architectural environments and applications.
Founded by Jane Skeeter, LEED AP, in 1987, UltraGlas pioneered, developed and introduced the unique heat slumping (embossing) process known as UltraGlas® to the U.S. architectural and design communities. We’ve continued to evolve this technology into the most elegant means of incorporating dimensionally functional glass textures, designs, patterns, imagery, palettes and finishes for all architectural applications.
The stunning effects of this evolution can be found in distinctive hotels, resorts, cruise ships, casinos, theme parks, spas, institutions, restaurants, museums, health-care facilities, retail establishments, corporate offices and up-scale residences around the world.


UltraGlas offers 7 distinctive product lines, as well as numerous options, all of which can be transformed into the perfect solution for a myriad of purposes and installations.
  • Encapsulated
  • Etched
  • Flooring
  • UltraGlas Tile
  • Formed Glass Designs
  • Formed Glass Textures
  • UltraGlas-E®, 100% recycled glass
  • UltraGlasSolar® – Building Integrated Photo Voltaic